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Wi-Fi Anywhere

Our Wi-FI anywhere solutions bring affordable superfast broadband internet to your location or event. Designed to support multiple users, guests or crew with their online demands, anywhere in the UK, even in the most remote locations, we will have your event connected in no time. 

See whats included in our solution packages!

Wi-Fi Hub


​Need a Media hub with free Wi-Fi access for your guests that can boost your brands social media presence and increase marketing at your event? With the Wi-Fi hub your guest will have access to superfast reliable broadband internet, via our customisable branded  portal.


This technology not only supports multiple authentication methods including social media and e-mail, but you can analyse and collect customer data to re-use for marketing at a later date. Its a win win!



Wi-Fi Hub


Need a Media hub with Wi-Fi access for your crew on location? Our Wi-Fi hub solution can deliver superfast broadband internet to the most remote parts of the UK, with resilient uplinks to ensure high availability and uptime. 

As with all our services, we will also provide a supporting engineer on site for the duration of your event to give you the agility required to ensure your project is a smooth one.

Remote Cyber


Don't want to pay? Have the flexibility to provide Wi-FI to your guests as a value-add service with all the added marketing benefits of our Wi-Fi hub.


The RCC solution gives you the option to charge your guests as a "pay as you go" service, pocketing any returns. This is ideal for an event where you want to gain from marketing and social media presence without offering free Wi-Fi.

Mix & Match

Not sure what you need?​ Don't worry, all of our solutions are bespoke and tailored to suit your specific requirements. Mix and match from any of the solutions above, better yet, contact us now and we will be in touch to discuss your individual needs. Once we know what your looking for we can advise on the best solution and provide you with a free quote!

Contact us now to discuss your events requirements! 


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